Solid State Treadles

These ‘treadles’ (actually inductive sensors) are clamped to the rail and detect the passage of train wheel flanges. They can be used on all track gauges from standard gauge to 15” gauge.


  • Solid state – no depression lever or other moving parts
  • Versions to suit all rail weights from 20 lb / yard to 113 lb per yard
  • Directional versions
  • Very long service life
  • No maintenance required
  • Supply voltage 24V DC
  • One set of normally open and one set of normally closed contacts


Each passing wheel flange is detected, so the output comprises a series of pulses. These can be used to activate a timer interface to give a ‘solid’ output that will pick, or drop, a relay. Axle counters for narrow gauge?!!

Supply includes mounting bracket and interface. Please contact Signal Aspects Ltd to discuss your requirement.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented in this document is correct. Signal Aspects Ltd reserves the right to change any part of the specification without notice.

Information and spec sheet
PDF file (161kB)