Signal Aspects offer a design and build service. If the item you need isn’t included here it doesn’t mean we can’t make it!

Electric Point Machines

A range of compact electric point and lock machines suitable for track gauges of 15” and upwards.

  • Simple to install
  • Reliable in service
  • 24V DC or 110V AC operation
  • Integral facing point lock
  • Electrical detection of locks as standard
  • Optional electrical detection of switch rails
  • Easily maintained

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Electrical Point Detectors

A range of detectors for use at mechanically operated points, or as a bolt-on addition for our range of electric point and lock machines.

  • Electro mechanical detectors
  • Solid state detectors using inductive proximity sensors
  • Range of accessories including switch rail nose extensions, rods, base plates, etc.
  • Can be adapted for a variety of rail weights, point throws and track gauges.

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Train Detection

Traditional track circuits provide something of a challenge on narrow gauge railways. We can offer several solutions that will give reliable continuous operation, regardless of sleeper type or ballast condition.

In addition we offer a solid-state ‘treadle’ system that makes use of inductive proximity detection of the wheel flanges.

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Theatre Route Indicators

For use with running or shunt signals, or even as stand-alone items, these route indicators can display any variety of alphanumeric symbols. High intensity LEDs are used to form the indications.

  • Bespoke casings and mounting brackets to suite your signalling system
  • Individual LED or fibre optic versions (high intensity LED light source)
  • LED service life of >100,000 hours
  • Internal relays can allow LEDs to form part of more than one symbol
  • A tinted screen prevents unlit displays being seen
  • Choice of 12V DC, 24V DC or 110V AC operation

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Signal Lamps

LED technology makes not just the paraffin lamp redundant, but the tungsten light bulb as well. No more bulb changing!

  • Bespoke lamp casings, or designed to fit inside your existing lamp cases
  • LED service life of >100,000 hours
  • High light output
  • Special internal filter gives correct colour for use with standard signal glasses
  • Choice of voltages

LED Conversion Kits for Colour Light Signals and Position Light Signals

These 110V AC modules replace the existing lamp holders in old-style colour light signals and position light shunt signals. These modules produce greater light output at a fraction of the power. Service life is approx 100,000 hours.

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Equipment refurbishment

Our workshops are well equipped to overhaul and test all types of signalling equipment.  Our rates are reasonable, so please contact us for a competitive quote.